Holiday Ice, Incorporated is a family-owned and operated business located in Suffolk, Virginia. We have been in business since 1974 and are still growing today. We have been a legal corporation since we were founded and have built our business on hard work, extreme pride, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Holiday Ice Mission Statement

Holiday Ice, Incorporated and its’ employees are committed to providing each one of its customers with extreme quality and service as their packaged ice supplier. Holiday Ice, Inc. is committed to supplying their customers with his/her desired needs at a fair price. We recognize that the needs of every customer may differ so we strive towards finding that need and serving it in a consistent manner.


Holiday Ice began operations in 1947 under the leadership of Jim Russell. At the time it was capable of producing 15 tons of ice per day and all deliveries were made by a small fleet of pick up trucks with ice boxes in their beds. As sales of packaged ice grew and the demand for services expanded beyond the normal routes, the decision was made to increase production and fleet operations accordingly. In the early 90’s, two sons returned to the business to help Jim push the business to the next level. In 2005, the company opened a brand new, state of the art, ice manufacturing facility. This new facility was capably of producing 170 tons of packaged ice each day utilizing the most advanced packaging equipment available. Sales steadily grew and once again outpaced production, so an additional 100 tons per day capacity was added in 2007. Customer demand for Holiday Ice’s extreme level of service and quality products forced Holiday to move into additional markets.
In 2010, Holiday acquired another ice company in Lawrenceville, VA. This enabled Holiday to reach markets west of Tidewater Virginia and further the service capabilities. In 2012, Holiday added distribution centers in Norfolk, VA and in Raleigh, N.C. in order to enhance customer service and satisfy the requirements of its growing customer base. Today, Holiday Ice is still a family owned and operated business and continues to evaluate ways in which to increase the levels of service and expand the level of quality products it produces.

Why Holiday Ice

A closer look at the level of commitment to customer satisfaction and quality products shared by all of the employees at Holiday Ice should answer the question of why you need Holiday Ice. For starters, all of the employees.


We believe that most customers assume that the products they purchase for consumption are safe. While it is true that many packaged ice companies have some sort of basic water filtration, it is also true that many do not. Since water is our ONLY ingredient, we believe that it should the best quality available. Therefore, at all of our production facilities we employ a series of filtration standards from simple ultra violet treatment to reverse osmosis filtration. While this extreme level of filtration is not required by any governing food agencies, it is a testament to our commitment to provide you with the best products available. THE DIFFERENCE IS CLEAR.

Audits & Testing

Although it is not required, Holiday Ice has its products tested and certified safe by an outside testing firm each and every month. In addition, our facilities and products are audited three times each year by outside food safety auditors. The results of each audit are examined by the management of Holiday Ice and the audit team.

Food Safety Training

Every employee (office, production, sales, route driver) participates in annual food safety training. It is our management’s opinion that food safety is everyone’s responsibility and because we live in a world where food terrorism is a possibility, it is more important then ever for all employees to be aware of their actions and the actions of others.


We are committed to providing a safe and satisfactory working environment for our employees. Our employees are committed to producing the best quality products and levels of service available in the market today. Our management is committed to delivering these products to the market at a competitive value.

Holiday Ice Difference

What makes Holiday Ice different? The fact that our ice is crystal clean and free from contaminants. We don’t just freeze ordinary tap water and put it in a bag. We filter it, run it through ultra violet treatment to kill any remaining bacteria, and we filter again through a reverse osmosis filter that leaves the water ultra clean and free from all contaminants. We challenge you to compare our ice to others. We think you will find that the difference is CLEAR.



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